Hey lovely soul,

Welcome to Soulful Heart Essentials, my name is Lesley Ware and I would love to tell you a little about me here.

When I was a little girl I would see, hear, and talk to spirit, as well as get premonitions. Let me tell you… being surprised on your birthday and Christmas was something I mastered real quick!! One night I remember being scared because “I couldn’t see tomorrow”, as I told my brother. What I really meant was I wasn’t having a premonition about tomorrow. I was worried I was going to die since I could always see the following day and I didn’t know what to do. My brother took me to chat with my grandparents about it, and when I explained to them all of the things I could do my grandmother told me that it was all from the devil and if I kept it up I would go to hell.

Soooo as an impressionable God fearing child I went in and prayed my gifts away and asked that God let me wake up tomorrow. Obviously I did wake up or I wouldn’t be writing this to you today.

Fast forward through my life, I dabbled in spirituality here and there in my teens, even going so far as to buy a deck of tarot more than once, pulling cards at the park and ditching the deck in the garbage so my grandparents wouldn’t find out I had done it. I felt a deep emptiness without spiritual tools, and when I connected with a deck my soul felt complete, my gifts would open right up, and then I would shut the door on it afraid I would be exposed.

For a long time I did not allow for my gifts to come forward, and in that time I suffered illness, depression, anger, frustration, feelings of being alone and abandoned even while surrounded by people who loved me, self loathing, and a complete disconnect with myself. I felt sooo empty and I did not know how I was going to snap out of it. I literally was disconnected from living, my children were suffering and I was struggling to be the wife my husband needed. Life was a mess….

Then one day my Mom fell very ill and within 24 hours she passed away. In the days, and recent weeks after her passing my soul cried for something bigger than the broken life I had been living. I was still young, but had spent the better part of 20 some odd years forcing a very large piece of me to not work because somebody had told me it was wrong. I just couldn’t understand how God would give me these gifts as a child if it was a sin and wrong. I started doing a little work here and there to start reconnecting myself… I read some books, I searched the internet for tools, and then….I was scared of how my husband would feel.

Would he think I was a freak?

Would he leave me and take the kids?

Would he tease me and belittle me?

So I shut down for another year and a half. Then, one day a friend of mine approached me with the idea of using essential oils to help me with my depression and anxiety. See I had gotten to the point to where all I wanted to do was sit in the corner of my couch and cry. Big Pharma meds made me feel absolutely looney, or so numb I couldn’t function and all I wanted was to be the Mom and Wife I craved to be. So I ordered a small kit, skeptical but desperate.

When that first package arrived I waited until the kids went to school the next day before I opened it. I wanted to make sure I took the time I needed with it to really embrace what I was about to embark on…I wanted to do it right, and I really NEEDED these tiny bottles to work. I cracked the bottles one by one, sniffing each one gently and as I did I felt the walls around my soul begin to crumble. I felt feelings and emotions that I hadn’t felt in a long time rush to the surface.

I wept, I mean I ugly cried, I smiled, I laughed, and for the first time in over a year I felt hope.

Working with my oils each day I learned what helped me to feel happier, what helped ease heartache, and how best to use them for myself. My life was coming back and I was zooming back into reality at a rate I didn’t even know existed. I mean I don’t think I realized just how much of my soul I had muted…. Half of me had been missing for far too long. I began working with my oils to help me reawaken my slumbering gifts, and to guide me through transition, healing, growing, and blooming into the spiritual being I am today. It gave me a deep desire and a calling to help others do the same. Reawaken and become soul centered.

2 years ago I started reading cards for others and not just for my friends and I.  I then started helping guide people to soul centered alignment with themselves and their purpose, and honestly the reward has been so great that my only regret was that I did not see my purpose until then. I have reawakened my Clair sides of me which is not only fun, but I feel like I just realized that I have been walking around this world only using one leg and one arm….they are an extension of me that completes my being.

My goal and my purpose in this world is to help people align with their soul to become the highest version of themselves so they can release old stories, limiting beliefs, fears and heal wounds that no longer serve them so they too can go and confidently share their light with the world.

I hope you find what you are looking for here, and if ever you would like to chat please feel free to reach out to me.

With Love and Light,

Lesley Ware