My journey to essential oils started on a day when I felt life was never going to get better for me. You see, I had been living in a state of chronic pain, migraine headaches, and emotional exhaustion for what felt like an eternity. The reality… it was a 3 year struggle. I had been in a car accident which had caused my life to shift and alter in a matter of a split second, and a poor decision made by the driver I was in the car with. Her decision caused for us to get T-boned on the passenger side of the vehicle. After multiple trips to the doctor, physical therapy, specialist after specialist and chiropractors I was told that there was nothing more that could be done for me. My life would be different, and filled with all sorts of medications. Medications that did not work. I tried pain medication, which made me sick, so that led to another medication to keep the illness away, I had to go on anti-depressants to deal with the depression I was going through because of all the pain. I then had to go on a sleep aid, because…well the side affects can “…in some cases, cause insomnia….” so needless to say I became a walking, talking, zombified pharmacy. I couldn’t go to work, and I was miserable. In the midst of all of this, my mother passed away, and I just knew something had to give. I decided to try one of those “work from home” things, and started looking into some different options. My husband and I decided to join this amazing health and wellness company, because I thought… “Maybe if I lose weight I will be happier, hurt less, and have more energy. How awesome that I can make money doing it too!!” About a year later, and a good amount of weight gone, I still wasn’t “happy”. I wasn’t getting fulfillment out of trying to make money with this company… not that the company wasn’t good, I still use some of the products today, but they didn’t fulfill my passion. That is when it happened!!! A friend reached out to me as I was preparing for an event for the health and wellness company. I will never forget the conversation we had. She asked me if I was ready to give Essential oils a try yet. Her and I were pretty close so she knew everything I had suffered with. She told me again the different ways the essential oils could help me. Assisting in pain relief, lifting my mood, providing that natural boost of energy for those moments when I felt worn out from it all. I told her I would talk to my husband about it and I would let her know after the weekend. Speaking to my husband he supported me in whatever decision I decided on, but told me he didn’t see how it would hurt. I decided to be an essential oil user/experimenter and called her up the following day and said… “Ok, I’ll give your hippie shit a try…. where do I sign up?” Of course she laughed at my term of endearment for her crazy essential oil’s. We discussed which package would be best suited for my needs and I ordered. I used the essential oils for 9 months, every month ordering more, and more. I couldn’t wait to get my sweet little shipment each month, ( Still can’t ), because I was hooked. I was noticing in my body, not just pain reduction, but emotional stability. I thought it was crazy awesome that I could open up a little bottle, take a sniff, and as fast as a negative emotion came on I couldn’t help but smile away. Now… I am not saying that these amazing little bottles have cured or healed me however, I will firmly stand in the belief that the oils have been a contributing factor to my overall well being. I decided, after that 9 month mark, that I was going to start sharing what had happened for me using these oils. I wanted to share it with everybody I came into contact with. I became very passionate about them, talked with people, shared them with people, and guided people in starting an oil journey. I researched them, what they do emotionally, how using aromatically, topically and internally could help one increase their quality of life. I started pairing that with some emotional and spiritual work, digging deep in my soul and became so grounded in a purpose bigger than I could have ever imagined…. and still to this day… I am amazed with the progress I get. I use these oils for everything now, whether I am cleaning my house, rubbing sore muscles on my husband, helping my kiddos if they have a sour tummy or headache, utilizing an aromatic technique during meditation or a relaxing bath, body scrubs and moisturizers, allergy relief for me…oh sweet relief… to anxiety relief in one of my dogs. Yes, I fell madly in love with my friends “Hippie shit”, and still give gratitude and many thanks to her for sharing them with me. One of the best outcomes of this…. I am able to relieve financial burdens off my husband now. To say he is happy is putting it mildly. I now share these beautiful bottles with love to those who need them, or want them in their life. It is my purpose, and my passion to allow others to find and experience what I have found. I hope you have enjoyed a little look on the history of how I, Lesley Ware, fell madly in love with little bottles and my Journey into Essential Oils. If you would like to see how Essential oils may be able to brighten your life, please feel free to contact me HERE, I would love to help you find the solution you are looking for. With Love and Light, Lesley Ware