Lavender is one of my favorite oils for its variety of uses. From a sleep aid to mosquito bite relief this oil is a must have in the house at all times for us.

I wanted to share my suggestions of using Lavender for beginners, and offer a couple of recipes to try on your own just to show you how empowering it is to create with these amazing oils.

First, lets talk about the history and benefits of Lavender oil.

Research shows us that lavender essential oil has been used for medicinal and religious purposes for over 2,500 years. From Mummification to Perfume by the Egyptians, to the Romans who used it in cooking, bathing, and freshening the air. I think it’s really neat to look at the history of how the oils were used. The benefits of Lavender is abundant. This amazing oil can help calm an emotionally stressed or nervous mind as well as relieving anxiety. It can aid in the healing of wounds, burns and itchy skin, as well as aiding in a more restful sleep. These are just a few of it’s amazing uses, some of which I want to discuss with you today.

Sleep Issues?

I used to have a hard time getting to sleep at night. See, I would toss and turn with a list of every little thing racing through the busy mind of a Momma that didn’t get done that day. I would worry if the kids had socks for the next day, what was that noise, flip flop toss and turn… you know those kinds of nights?? I was at my end. I needed some sleep and decided it was time to drop some lavender on my pillow the next night. That morning as I made my bed I dropped a couple drops on my pillow case, and couldn’t wait to try it out that night. Come bed time I was excited with the possibility of getting some sleep, but I also wasn’t holding my breath. I grabbed that beautiful brown bottle of lavender essential oil again, put a couple drops in my hand and rubbed it on the bottoms of both of my feet. I crawled in and laid my head on the pillow and…..woke up the next morning. SERIOUSLY…don’t even remember shutting my eyes. My last thought was, “My pillow smells yummy…” and that was it. So, If you are having one heck of a time getting sleep, or just getting relaxed before bed…. Lavender essential oils can be your friend. I highly recommend you are making sure to get a Certified Pure Therapeutic grade oil.

Summer Time Bug Bites?

Every body I know has at one point in time in their life been bitten by a pesky Mosquito or Spider. You know that itchy, inflamed bump that has the ability to drive you mad. The bump that no matter how hard you scratch the itch just won’t stop. Lavender is the magical itch soothing solution here. See a single drop can cover several bites, and with it’s anti-inflammatory properties, Lavender becomes very soothing to the bite. Mix with a drop of Peppermint for a cooling sensation on those bites as well. You can apply this as needed for itch relief. I commonly have a bottle in my purse for moments like these!

Stress Relief Bath!!

One of my favorite ingredients for a stress relieving bath is my lavender oil. I run my bath and drop about 5 drops of lavender under the running water. Crawl in and deeply inhale. This amazing self-love treat is so important as it will help ease and relax those sore and achy muscles, as well as calm the mind. Take in your favorite book and relax away the day, or turn on one of your favorite meditations and release the day away. I promise you will get out of that bath relaxed, and ready for the next step, whether that is dinner out with friends or crawling into bed for some much desired down time.

I also love to pamper myself with an amazing sugar scrub I make at home.
I have placed this recipe on here for you to enjoy.

Motion Sickness Relief!!

That’s right, I said it. As a person who suffers from motion sickness I have found that inhaling lavender from the bottle, palm of my hands or a diffuser necklace can do the trick, as well as rubbing a drop behind each of my ears. This is such a welcome relief for me as motion sickness has hindered me from having fun on the boat with friends, or taking trips on flights. I now do not have to worry about feeling ill as just a small inhalation of this beautiful lavender oil is so much relief for me.

Hair care

I use Rosemary in my hair predominantly for thicker hair solution, but to calm my scalp and encourage a more rapid hair growth you can apply these oils by giving yourself a wonderful self-love scalp massage. This is so blissful and leaves your hair smelling so yummy. Apply this blend every couple of days to pamper yourself and get the hair you truly desire. 2 drops of each oil in the palm of your hard is plenty of oil for the entire scalp.

I hope you have enjoyed learning some Lavender for Beginners tips today, and would love to hear some of the favorite ways you use Lavender in your life and home. If you enjoyed this read please feel free to share it out to others, and if you would like to download my free diffuser recipes for Mom, then click on the image below and have fun diffusing. I look forward to seeing you all on the next blog.

See ya soon,

Lesley Ware