Ego is the killer of dreams, goals, and self esteem. Yes…I said it, ego is a killer. However, like all killers we have the power to stop it once it is identified.

See tonight I was sitting and looking at my business and ego popped up like the insecure bully it is and started hacking at my souls spark: “There’s no way you are going to achieve this.” “Impossible” “You’re out of your mind.” “This is too hard.” “Maybe in a couple months you can try again.” “It’s safer to just curl up with your book, or some Netflix.” “It’s ok, look at your blankie over there….It will make you feel cozy and relaxed.” “Let me keep you safe, get your head out of the clouds.” For a minute I started to buy into this bullshit. Whew….that was a close call.

Immediately I got up, and took action, because like some, but unlike most, I chose again. I choose to put in the energy and time it is going to take to do this thing so my life and my family can blossom. I choose to face the scary, yet exciting journey I am embarking on full stream. I choose to not be deterred by the unknown factors. I choose to allow positive and enlightened energy to flow.


not long ago this trickery called ego was hard for me to identify. The entire thing for me was a limiting issue and I would cave to the energy of it. When I say cave, I mean it. It was like a bomb would explode causing the atmosphere around me to fall in on itself creating a “shield” from the disappointment that potentially lay ahead. Notice I said potentially. That is because nothing is certain… not our next breath, our next year, our job, our business, our cars working properly, our relationships… yup… even those aren’t certain.

See the only thing in life that is a for sure thing is this very second we are in… see it already passed and we are in the next. However we can aim ourselves and choose to take the path of adventure and growth, or stay in the line with everybody else, doing the ego shuffle, all while remaining miserable. We can shush or even snooze our soul as it whispers deep inside of us what our purpose is. We can say “It’s a foolish idea”, as ego would want, or we can say “What a grand idea!!!” we can only make the decision to choose which path we want to go down.

I want to share with you how to ease out of Ego, and gracefully ride the amazingly beautiful waves of Soul. My way may not be the way that works for you, but maybe, just maybe a few elements will fit, and you will find others to help you. However, if you even get one tip here that helps you then I have written this successfully in a way that will help your soul grow stronger, and your dreams become a little easier to make into your reality.

Here goes identifying ego and releasing it’s hold:

  • First, as I feel my ego getting excitable, usually accompanied by fear, sadness, and low self esteem/self worth, I pause. I literally stop what I am doing and pause. I breathe and allow the feeling to wash through me.
  • Then I ask myself where I am feeling this coming from. Is it fear, is it a belief somebody has placed on me, etc. I continue taking my breaths in deep as I become aware of the trigger. Once identified, I thank my ego for bringing this to my awareness. Let’s say it’s self worth in this situation.
  • Now, at this point I go to my Essential oils. and In my diffuser I place Bergamot, Fennel, Frankincense, Ylang Ylang, and Geranium in. I close the lid, and hit go. As the diffuser gets going I clear my head as I say “I choose again.” Then I will write out some affirmations on my white board that raise vibrations of my soul. Affirmations that support what my ego was trying to sway me from obtaining. Some of these may be “I am worthy”, “I am loved”, “People see the value in what I am offering.” “The right people are looking for me right now, and seeing me clearly in this moment.” “I am attracting people to my tribe daily”, “People are contacting me daily for help” etc. You can find those essential oils and more HERE.
  • Next, After going through my affirmations I sit, place my grounding blend of essential oils on my feet, reassuring blend of essential oils over my heart, Rose essential oil on the back of my neck and meditate, clearing the energy from the areas in my body I feel it. This could be your throat, your chest, your back, your feet, etc. I focus on quieting my mind chatter, and allow myself to relax completely. I visualize a healing white light sent from my angels through the Blue Celstite Crystal I hold in the palm of my right hand, and love from the Rose Quartz I hold in my left hand. I direct the energies of love and light throughout my body and allow its warmth to soothe the ache Ego has inflicted on my body and soul. I push the limiting energies of Ego through my Root Chakra back down and out into the earth. Sometimes this is just a couple minutes long, and other times it’s 30 minutes. Each event is different depending on where the issue is coming from.
  • Finally, after I meditate, I smile. I write a list of the things I need to release on paper and rip it up and burn them. The story is not mine to hold onto any longer as it is not serving me and my highest good. I get up after burning my list, turn on some music, jam to something high vibe, dance around and then… sit back down to create a bad ass piece of content like this to share with you.

What’s Next?

Now I know that seems like a lot of steps but all of this can happen rather quickly…it doesn’t have to be a long process unless you are still sitting in avoidance. My hope for you is that you do not fall victim to Ego. Ego is the killer of dreams, goals, and self esteem, and you deserve so much more.I hope you soar, away from Ego and land safely on the sands of your desired reality. May you find the joy in life that is your birthright, and you allow for the beauty of it to embrace you. May you trust and allow the Universe, God, and your Angels to lead you to where you desire and long to be.

With Love,
Lesley Ware
Founder of Soulful Heart Essentials

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